Massage for headaches

Remedial Massage

Massage can provide a Boost In Energy, Skin Rejuvenation, Improved Muscle Tone, Encourage Relaxation, Relieve Anxiety, Relieve Tension, Improved Sleep.

​If you are suffering from stress, repetitive strain or an on-going injury, massage is not just for sports participants, it helps many people who have never even played sport.

​Stiff shoulder? Seized up neck? Sore back?

Relaxation massage can be a great style of massage if you are wanting to relax and de-stress, but to fix muscular problems you probably need a remedial massage.

Remedial massage uses a whole range of techniques to unlock muscles and help you move and feel better. These can be trigger point techniques, that can hurt a little but help release tight muscles, and also friction, that warms the muscle, again helping it release.

Relax and feel energized


Muscular Problems

Headaches involve pain or discomfort of the head, scalp or neck usually associated with muscle tightness in these areas.  Women suffer more headaches than men.

Headaches are often caused by severe muscle contractions, which can be triggered by emotional stress, physical exertion, poor posture or being dehydrated.  Eyestrain caused by dealing with large amounts of paperwork or prolonged periods of staring at a computer screen are also common trigger factors for headaches.

Individuals who are stressed, grind their teeth or have poor posture find that the physical strain they place on their body by these actions causes tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders often resulting in a headache.

Remedial Massage and NST Bowen Therapy are extremely useful tools in alleviating the stress and tension that builds up in the neck, scalp, shoulders muscles and TMJ.  Once the pressure on the compressed nerves and muscles is released you will notice a decrease in the frequency and severity of your headaches.

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